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An Evening of Sustainability and Artistic Brilliance

The opening of “Relife: To Reclaim Glass, To Revive Our Future” was a vibrant affair, immersing guests in the captivating world of reclaimed blue glassware. This unique exhibition, hosted by Nalata Nalata, delighted attendees with its innovative fusion of sustainability and artistic brilliance.
Showcasing Innovation and Sustainability
Curated with meticulous care, the exhibition highlighted Factory Zoomer’s dedication to reclaiming and revitalizing glass. This commitment to environmental stewardship and craftsmanship. SOTO Sake was honored to partner with Nalata Nalata to create a collaboration that celebrated both artistry and sustainability.

A Celebration of Creativity and Craftsmanship

The evening was a testament to creativity and ingenuity, with attendees marveling at the intricate designs and craftsmanship on display. Each piece of reclaimed glassware told a unique story of transformation and renewal. Our offerings added a touch of sophistication to the event, enhancing the overall experience for all who attended.

Nalata Nalata continually champions innovative craftsmanship and curated designs.

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SOTO Sake & Frieze Arts Fair

SOTO Sake: A Proud Supporter of the Arts at Frieze Los Angeles

As a dedicated patron of the arts, SOTO Sake proudly supported the fifth edition of Frieze Los Angeles, held from February 29 to March 3 at the Santa Monica Airport. This prestigious art fair showcased an array of artists who delved into the theme of “ecologies,” exploring its intimate, environmental, and urban dimensions.

Frieze Los Angeles: Highlights and Exhibitors

Christine Messineo, Frieze’s director of Americas, announced the excitement surrounding this year’s edition, featuring leading international exhibitors and renowned Los Angeles galleries. The fair highlighted a diverse array of contemporary art, bringing together influential artists and galleries from around the world.

SOTO Sake’s Cultural Fusion with Contemporary Art

Throughout Frieze Los Angeles week, SOTO Sake collaborated with numerous galleries to blend the cultural essence of Japanese sake with the vibrant world of contemporary art. This unique fusion offered a sensory experience that celebrated both the rich tradition of sake and the innovative spirit of modern art.

Frieze Arts Festival

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Reka Nyari at Sotheby’s Exhibition

A Playful and Provocative Look at Female Sexuality

Sotheby’s is hosting a groundbreaking selling exhibition, “A Woman’s Right to Pleasure,” in collaboration with BlackBook. This exhibition, inspired by the eponymous tome, offers a fresh perspective on female sexuality, tracing the female experience over the last century and challenging traditional narratives.

Celebrating Female Artists

The exhibition showcases the works of renowned female artists, including Nan Goldin, Penny Slinger, Reka Nyari, Tracey Emin, Judy Chicago, Jenny Holzer, Marilyn Minter, Betty Tompkins, Alexandra Rubinstein, and Louise Bourgeois. These artists explore women’s sexuality through various mediums such as prints, photography, oil paintings, and neon art, blending traditional and contemporary styles.

Reka Nyari: A Visionary Artist Supported by SOTO Sake

Reka Nyaris provocative and evocative works are a highlight of this exhibition. Known for her bold exploration of female sexuality, Nyari’s photography captures the essence of the modern woman. SOTO Sake is proud to support Reka Nyari in her numerous global exhibitions, where her work is featured in prestigious galleries around the world.

Learn More About Reka Nyari

Discover more about Reka Nyari’s artistic journey and her contributions to contemporary art. Click HERE for more information.

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The Wolfhouse

The Wolfhouse: Where Sustainability Meets Creative Innovation

For friends Jiminie Ha and Jeremy Parker, renovating and restoring a forgotten home by the controversial architect was a complicated labor of love. Under the creative direction of Ha and Parker, The Wolfhouse exemplifies a commitment to sustainability and inventive self-sufficiency. Every aspect of the home’s rehabilitation and interior design reflects this ethos, with vintage furnishings and salvaged architectural pieces meticulously sourced to complete the restoration, including sinks, tubs, and trim pieces.

Celebrating the Wolfhouse’s Rich History

As The Wolfhouse embarks on a new chapter, its owners are dedicated to honoring the stories of all those who have contributed to its history. Ha and Parker, prominent members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, have reimagined The Wolfhouse as an inclusive cultural space. This vibrant venue offers year-round arts, design, and architecture programming, including exhibitions, residencies, events, lectures, and a comprehensive digital program supporting commissions and collaborations in Web3.

SOTO Sake Supports The Wolfhouse’s Inaugural Activation

SOTO Sake was thrilled to support one of the first activations at The Wolfhouse during the summer months. Guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and experience the home as it was intended.

Explore The Wolfhouse

Discover the unique blend of sustainability, creativity, and inclusivity at The Wolfhouse. Reservations are required for house tours. Click HERE for more information.