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SOTO Sake Among the Top 12 Sake Brands: A Blend of Tradition and Modern Elegance

SOTO Sake: A Top-Ranked Brand

We are thrilled to announce that SOTO Sake has been selected among the 12 top-ranked sake brands. Launched in 2015 by two North Americans, SOTO Sake is brewed in Niigata, Japan, and is distinguished by its signature modern, minimalistic black and white bottling and labeling. This sleek design perfectly mirrors the simple, elegant, and impactful nature of our award-winning sake.

A Fusion of Modern Aesthetics and Traditional Craftsmanship

Despite its contemporary appearance, SOTO Sake embraces traditional Japanese sake-making practices. Our beverages are crafted using only four essential ingredients: rice, koji, water, and yeast. Additionally, there is a “secret fifth ingredient” listed on our website: snowmelt. This unique blend of elements results in a sake that is both authentically Japanese and refreshingly modern.

Explore the World of Sake with SOTO

Whether you are new to sake or an experienced enthusiast, SOTO Sake invites you to explore the fascinating nuances of this celebrated Japanese beverage. Learn the differences between clear and cloudy sake, chilled and hot varieties, and all the intriguing details in between. Start your journey toward becoming a sake aficionado with SOTO Sake as your guide.

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