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SOTO Sake Partners with Innovative Home-A-Kase Restaurant Concept

SOTO SAKE proudly collaborates with Chef Brian Ogawa and Jazmine Valte of Soosh LA, introducing an extraordinary culinary partnership. Renowned for his prestigious roles at Nobu Malibu, Matsuhisa Mykonos, and Matsuhisa St. Moritz, Chef Brian Ogawa now leads the charge in crafting exclusive culinary odysseys for home-bound enthusiasts through the innovative “Home-A-Kase” concept. With a friendship spanning over a decade, Brian Ogawa and Jazmine Valte joined forces during the pandemic to pioneer the revolutionary “home-a-kase” concept with Soosh LA. Leveraging Ogawa’s extensive 25-year expertise from two of the world’s finest sushi establishments and Valte’s imaginative operational acumen, the duo created a premier mobile sushi experience that pushes culinary boundaries.

Taste the Art of Ogawa’s Culinary from the Comfort of Your Home

Soosh elevates dining by bringing artistry directly to your doorstep, effectively transforming your home into a culinary sanctuary. Each menu is meticulously curated in collaboration with their esteemed chefs, ensuring a personalized gastronomic journey tailored to your unique tastes and dietary preferences. Soosh finds the dynamic nature of at-home catering more exhilarating than traditional restaurant settings, citing the immersive experience as his primary motivation.


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SOTO Sake at Hoseki

SOTO Sake Now Featured at New York’s Premier Secret Omakase Restaurant

Experience the perfect blend of shopping and sushi at the world-renowned Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York. SOTO Sake proudly features two of its expressions on the menu of Hoseki, the exclusive omakase restaurant recently highlighted by Forbes Magazine.

Hoseki: A Hidden Gem in Saks Fifth Avenue

Located on the subterranean fine jewelry floor, Hoseki—meaning “jewel” in Japanese—offers an intimate dining experience away from the bustling main floors. This six-seat oasis is nestled among sparkling jewelry displays, creating a serene atmosphere for discerning diners.

Culinary Excellence by Chef Daniel Kim

Hoseki is the vision of Maxwell Weiss, in partnership with celebrated chef Daniel Kim. Together, they founded Ten Homakase, an innovative in-home omakase service known for its pop-ups across New York City and Long Island. With nearly two decades of culinary expertise, Chef Daniel Kim has honed his skills at prestigious sushi establishments like Sushi Zo and Sushi by Bou, and has served as the private sushi chef for the Japanese investment bank, Nomura.

Indulge in a Unique Omakase Experience

Gracefully wielding the knife and elegantly molding the rice while confabbing with guests is sushi shokunin Morgan Adamson: blond, aged 30, full of Midwestern charm and enthusiasm and shattering all the macho stereotypes about the profession.

Adamson won’t serve you technicolor American maki rolls, however, or sashimi with gimmicky sauces and toppings. Her 12-course omakase features elegant nigiri pieces starring fish like madai (sea bream) accented with truffle salt, luxurious shima aji (striped jack) highlighted with housemade soy sauce, silky bluefin tuna from Spain, and plush Hokkaido scallops flourished with finger lime “caviar.”

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